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Company profile

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  • EBK ERET BERNARD, s.r.o. commenced business in 1994 selling gaskets and sealing technology. Five years later (in 1999) started manufacturing its own seal, which is a continuation of the famous "ŠKODA tack room." From the original two co-workers, who have started business, the company has gradually expanded to work with a team of 30 permanent employees, who not only trade, but also produce - seals, heat insulation, tarpaulins etc. regularly uses collaboration with other individuals and companies. Over the past years, and now the West Bohemian company EBK ERET BERNARD, s.r.o. become a supplier to the leading engineering and energy companies, and is also a supplier to the construction industry - spare parts for mixers, internal insulation, components for stoves and fireplaces etc. Over the years, there is a continual broadening and diversifying supply. Supplied assortment finds use as an input to the production, maintenance or operation of machinery and products (spare parts).

  • In the company's headquarters (business center Atom in Pilsen) customer receives semi-finished or finished products from a variety of materials such as sealing and insulation panels, packing and insulation cords, industrial fabrics, hoses, rubber, felt, adhesives and sealants, gaskets, plastics - nylon, PTFE, polyurethane and others.

  • The main activities of own production are saddlery work, sewing tarpaulins, bellows cover fabrication and manufacture of standard and non-standard seals, various refractory insulation and cutting semifinished product for further processing. The renowned products besides sealing and insulation are extremely versatile rubber, that allow use in virtually all technology and thus in all industrial sectors (food rubber, microporous, floor, silicone or membrane rubber).

  • An integral part of the company´s activity is counseling, import or shipment of goods to the customers.


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